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The story behind …

  … “Night over Ho-Chi-Minh-City” by Michael Schöppner

“I will never forget the night in which I took this shot. It didn’t happen anything special. Quite the opposite – nothing had happend.

It was unbearably hot and humid outside and I stayed up until late at night. I was hungry and actually intended to go outside to grab a bite to eat. But I decided not to as it was just too hot and humid.

So I just sat on my little balcony and took photos.”

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Vietnamese Woman on the Beach

This picture shows an old Vietnamese woman on the Beach. The caption was taken near Hoi An on the central coast of Vietnam. The old women is gathering wood for her stove.

The photo shows an old women gathering wood for her stove on the beach

I took the picture on the beach near Hoi An, Vietnam. The photo shows an old local lady gathering wood on the beach. My friends liked the picture. But the picture would’t be nothing without the old lady, the setting, the motif. I just captured the moment. However, I got the credits for the photo and the old lady got nothing although she’s the one that makes the picture unique. Thinking about this makes you sad. It makes you want to change things. So now, we are actually working on a new concept that will revolutionize the process of sharing photos. Stay tuned.