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Kevin Russ – On the Road, Music: Graham Candy (NZ)

Sweeping plains, deep desert canyons, foggy forests and incredible wildlife. The raw and breathtaking images of full-time traveler and talented photographer Kevin Russ (USA) take us with him on a journey through the nature of the great American west. 

Street Bison

We are excited to present “On the road”, a selection of photos the free-spirited photographer Kevin Russ took during his one year trip through the American west that will be exhibited at Mein Haus am See, located directly at Rosenthaler Platz, Berlin-Mitte from 04 September until 24 September. On Wednesday, September 04, the opening of the exhibition will be celebrated starting at 8 pm., featuring a live music performance by the Auckland –based musician Graham Candy.

After several years of portrait work, Kevin Russ, a photographer from Portland, felt burned out and decided to take off and go into the wild of the great American west. While being on the road for a year, sleeping in his car, shooting nature and wildlife with primarily his iPhone 4s and iPhone 5 he became the famous “full-time traveller and explorer”. He has the power to convey the feel of purity, rawness and beauty of nature with his photos and has become a huge success on Instagram, with already more than 60k followers, and all over the web. By selling his photos on the Internet Kevin is able to keep on exploring the world, make beautiful photos and stay a happy full-time traveller.

Kevin sells a selection of his photos via Photocirle, a Berlin based online platform for fine art photography. With every purchase a good cause in the region in which the picture was taken will be supported. Kevin’s online gallery and more information on the social projects, the company established in cooperation with its partner organizations, that will be supported with the sale of Kevin Russ’ photos can be found on:

About Graham Candy

Graham Candy is still a new face here in Germany. Back in New Zealand word is that he is a rising star in the music szene which is no wonder when you hear his unique voice. At his first live show in Berlin he will be performing a mix of his own songs and coverversions to show off why he’s hyped in New Zealand: Prepare for goosebumps!

More photos from Kevin Russ:

Horse Friends

Young Buck

Sunrise Forest

Elementary school in Bangladesh

This week we completed our 6th project. Thanks to your support we are able to give 5 girls in Bangladesh access to elementary school! For project details have a look at our project page on our website.

Here we present you the photos that closed the circle. By selling these great pictures we can now give something back to the region that makes these photos something special!  Click on them to go directly to the galleries of our photographers…

Fishermen launching their boat in the morning, Bangladesh von Jakob Berr

Fischerboot, Philippinen von Jens Rosbach

Crossing Hong Kong von Rob van Kessel

the fisherman by Simon Bode

the next Generation by Brett Elmer

Xitang Water Village at Night von Rob Smith

Myanmar exteriors von Simon Bode

beten für das tägliche mahl von Walter Luttenberger

Life On The Path von Quinn Ryan Mattingly

tibetischer Landarbeiter von Stephan Opitz

Secret Observeer - Manuel Ferlitsch

We completed our second project!!!

We have more great news. We just bought two piglets for a family in Myanmar.

Within a few days we realised our second project. We are really overwhelmed by the fast growing project support we are generating together these days. Thanks to you we managed to close our second project just a few hours ago by buying to piglets for a family in Myanmar (see the donation certificate below). Pigs serve as an important source of income especially in poor rural areas.

We even gathered 7,22 € more than needed to buy the two piglets. This amount will be donated to another project. We have already asked our customer which project he would like to support with this amount instead.

Donation certificate from Care for the donation of two piglets in Myanmar

And here are the photos from our gallery that helped closing the circle of this project. We thank our photographers Simon Bode, Manfred Koppensteiner, Christina Feldt and Walter Luttenberger for having helped to realise this project by selling their great work on Photocircle.

Simon Bode - Myanmar Exteriors

Simon Bode - Myanmar Exteriors

Walter Luttenberger - beten für das tägliche Mahl

Walter Luttenberger - beten für das tägliche Mahl

Simon Bode - Dusk

Simon Bode - Dusk

Christina Feldt - praying monk

Christina Feldt - praying monk

Manfred Koppensteiner - Fisherman

Manfred Koppensteiner - Fisherman

Kumbh Mela in Allahabad 2013 – Largest Hindu pilgrimage of mankind in India

The german photographer Victoria Knobloch and the indian photographer Jagdev Singh met last year by chance in New Delhi. Immediately they felt a deep professional connection and realised that they had a related approach to photography. Therefore, they decided to make a photoseries together. They made a portrait about New Delhi, since they both are fascinated by this exuberant city. They wanted to show its vivid and beautiful side. Mainly, however, they where interested in the social problem areas of this metropolis. Poverty, hunger, garbage, chaos, despair unfortunately plays a big part in all urban areas. Still a big part of the population in the cities live under inadequate human living conditions. Nonetheless many people still move from their rural homes to the cities with the hope of a better live only be disaapointed by the the oftentimes very hard reality.

Victoria Knobloch - Fotokunst aus Indien

Jagdev Singh

Delhi is an ever agitated and roaring city. The city presents a unique and a dynamic face at every corner. The city per se appears over crowded with people and you see traffic moving bumper to bumper on several main roads of the city. You find Delhi as a turbulent, big, loud and dirty city. With more than half of Delhi’s population living in slums, the poor people doing daily labor jobs, pulling cycle rickshaws, selling little merchandise by the roadside and children begging at traffic signals are a common view in Delhi. Not really a paradise to live in, but let’s say with the ‘India Gate’ as symbol for its people, Delhi is still an important and mesmerizing epicenter of the country. In a nutshell, life in Delhi is a real time adventure happening on the streets every moment.

Jagdev Singh

Jagdev Singh

Victoria Knobloch

Next February both photographers plan a photojournalistic series about the “Kumbh Mela in Allahabad 2013 – Largest Hindu pilgrimage of mankind in India”. With this photo documentation they want to present a stirring and intense view of this biggest religious event on earth which witnesses a massive pilgrimage, drawing millions of Hindus to Allahabad, the place where the two rivers, Ganges and the Yamuna ( Sangam ), meet. The rivers enjoy the status of Goddesses in Hindu mythology. The power of faith, the bathings, the devotional singing and dancing, the dedication to the holy mother Ganges and the prayers with heart and soul are unique in the world.

For one week the 2 photographers captured the spell, the charm and distinctiveness of this mass Hindu pilgrimage. WIth their photo series they take the viewer with them on a visual journey that will immerse his soul into the actual happening of this spectacular event itself.

Victoria Knobloch

For any interest of publishing, exhibiting or finacial support please contact:

Victoria Knobloch ( is a German photographer who concentrates on black-and-white portrait art and documentary work. Her favorite subjects are the character portrait, streetphotography as well as documetaries with social impact. She was finalist of the renowned “Henri Nannen Preis” for journalistic work in 2012. Next to her photographic art she works as a classical singer.

Jagdev Singh ( is a freelance photographer from New Delhi, India. His work untangles the complex appearance of life, revealing a fine sense for a moment to pause. Street Photography is one of his favorite subjects.

If you wish to buy prints by these great photographers, visit the gallery of Victoria Knobloch and Jagdev Singh on Photocircle.

Great photography from Berlin on Photocircle

As Photocircle was born in Berlin, we are glad to offer you more and more great photography from our city. Yesterday also Michael Belhadi joint our movement and we are glad to have him on borad. Check out his gallery HERE.  Other great artists from Berlin on Photocircle include Alexander Voss, Joachim Wagner, Ailine Liefeld, Matthias Makarinus and Norman Briewig.

Michael Belhadi - Liebesbeweis (Berlin Alexanderplatz)

Michael Belhadi - Liebesbeweis

Win a Canon EOS 60D / 18-55 mm in our next photo competition

Dear photographers,

our new photo competition starts today! This time we tried really hard to organize a great price for the winner and we succeeded.

Canon really liked the idea of this competition and is sponsoring a Canon EOS 60D / 18 – 55 mm which costs 1149 € in stores. Thank you Canon!

Here is how you can win it

The photographer who generates the highest amount of project support through the sale of his photos on Photocircle wins a brand new Canon EOS 60D / 18 – 55 mm from our partner Canon. It’s as easy as that. You just have to promote your Photocircle gallery and get as many friends and fans as possible to buy your photos. To make the promotion of your gallery a little easier, we developed our Photocircle widget. We hope it’ll help increasing your sales!

As we are happy if you use our widget too, we send a 20 € gift card to those of you who install the widget on their websites or blogs. Just write us an email with the link on your website and we send you the gift card right away.

Win a Canon EOS 60D / 18 - 55 mm on Photocircle

Rules of the competition:

  • The photographer who generates the highest amount of project support with the sale of his photos on Photocircle wins a new Canon EOS 60D / 18-55 mm worth 1149 € (UVP) sponsored by our partner Canon.
  • Use our widget to promote your gallery and get a 20 € gift card from us. Just send us an email with the link on your webiste.
  • Every photographer who sells at least one photo on Photocircle can participate.
  • The start date of the competition is 31.10.2012.
  • The competition ends 19.12.2012 at 24:00.
  • The winner will be announced on 20.12.2012.
  • We will regularly inform about competition in our newsletter.

Increase you sales with our new widget for your website!

Dear Photocircle photographers,

we want to make it as easy as possible for you to sell your work on Photocircle. That’s why developed a widget with which you can very easily promote your Photocircle gallery on your blog or website.

We have already told you about this in our newsletter. The general feedback was really good. A few of you, however, were concerned that it didn’t fit with the design of your website. Of course you were right! That’s why we went back to work. Now you can easily customize the design of our widget. With a few clicks you can change it’s size and color.Just go to “My Photocircle” in your login and check it our. You’ll find everything on the right side above your photos.

Photocircle Widget

We hope that many of you will use the widget to spread the work of our joint project. To make it even more attractive to promote your Photocircle gallery, we have something special for you. We’ll te you more about it next Tuesday!

All the best,


wrapping up one week of Photocircle

One week has passed since our official launch and we are absolutely overwhelmed by your feedback. We have worked very hard to make it to this point and still can’t believe that we are online!

Last week we made it on the Wall Street Journal Blog, leading technology blogs like Gigacom reported about Photocircle and we were chosen as „Start up of the week” by Venture Village. We have also received a lot of positive feedback for our selection of photos in our gallieres.

Following the first press articles we have already received our first orders. 50% of our customers bought photos from our photographers while the other half ordered their own ones. Our first sold photo was this beautiful motive by Stephan Opitz. With his purchase our customer supported our project “Kamalari girls” in Nepal by Plan International.

Yangee by Stephan Opitz on canvas, alu dibond or acrylic glas fine art

At this point we would like to say ‘thank you’ to all of our supporters! Especially we would like to thank you, our photographers – Photocircle would not exist without you. That’s why we want to inform you about our next steps and also discuss the process of choosing photos with you.

Before we started Photocircle, we made the decision to limit the amount of photos on our platform. We are aware that by either accepting or rejecting photos we are walking on a very thin line because these decisions are very subjective. The fact that you all try to support our projects by passing on a very high percentage of your revenue makes our decisions even more difficult.

We may make some mistakes in our decisions and we want to let you know that your feedback counts a lot! We are just starting out and therefore we cannot establish criteria for our selection process right now. But we will continue to work on transparency and argumentation concerning our choice of photos in the near future.

We will let you know about our progress here on this blog – so stay tuned!

See you soon and best wishes from Berlin,

Thomas, Francesco, Saskia, Gianna & Kristin

How to sell your photos on Photocircle

It’s very simple. First you must register and then upload your photos. Our jury will then check your photos for quality and suitability and let you know by e mail whether your pictures have been accepted or not. Please don’t hold it against us if we reject your photos. Because we want to limit the number of pictures we have in order to ensure high quality, and also have to take other factors into consideration which are less to do with quality than suitability, we have no choice but to reject some photos, however much we regret doing so. So it’s possible that we might, on a private level, be enthusiastic about your pictures, but nevertheless won’t be in a position to offer them for sale.