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Kevin Russ – On the Road, Music: Graham Candy (NZ)

Sweeping plains, deep desert canyons, foggy forests and incredible wildlife. The raw and breathtaking images of full-time traveler and talented photographer Kevin Russ (USA) take us with him on a journey through the nature of the great American west. 

Street Bison

We are excited to present “On the road”, a selection of photos the free-spirited photographer Kevin Russ took during his one year trip through the American west that will be exhibited at Mein Haus am See, located directly at Rosenthaler Platz, Berlin-Mitte from 04 September until 24 September. On Wednesday, September 04, the opening of the exhibition will be celebrated starting at 8 pm., featuring a live music performance by the Auckland –based musician Graham Candy.

After several years of portrait work, Kevin Russ, a photographer from Portland, felt burned out and decided to take off and go into the wild of the great American west. While being on the road for a year, sleeping in his car, shooting nature and wildlife with primarily his iPhone 4s and iPhone 5 he became the famous “full-time traveller and explorer”. He has the power to convey the feel of purity, rawness and beauty of nature with his photos and has become a huge success on Instagram, with already more than 60k followers, and all over the web. By selling his photos on the Internet Kevin is able to keep on exploring the world, make beautiful photos and stay a happy full-time traveller.

Kevin sells a selection of his photos via Photocirle, a Berlin based online platform for fine art photography. With every purchase a good cause in the region in which the picture was taken will be supported. Kevin’s online gallery and more information on the social projects, the company established in cooperation with its partner organizations, that will be supported with the sale of Kevin Russ’ photos can be found on:

About Graham Candy

Graham Candy is still a new face here in Germany. Back in New Zealand word is that he is a rising star in the music szene which is no wonder when you hear his unique voice. At his first live show in Berlin he will be performing a mix of his own songs and coverversions to show off why he’s hyped in New Zealand: Prepare for goosebumps!

More photos from Kevin Russ:

Horse Friends

Young Buck

Sunrise Forest

Gallery opening!

On Saturday we had our big gallery opening. We would like to thank you all for a wonderful night! You can find more photos from the vernissage on our Facebook page.

Vernissage Photocircle

Photocircle - Vernissage in der Galerie der Jungen Pächter

Kevin Russ - Foggy Forest Creek

Photocircle Galerie Eröffnung

Vernissage von Photocircle in Kreuzberg

Gallery opening

The exhibition is open until the 20th of July. Drop by at Schlesische Straße 19 (10997 Berlin Kreuzberg) and have a look at the great works from our photographers!

You can buy all prints directly in our gallery or on our homepage. Up to 30% of the sales price is donated to our projects!

To celebrate our gallery opening with you, we also have a special offer for you. This week you can get our wonderful acrylic glass prints for only 25 € instead of 36 €. How pretty even the smallest prints on this product can look like, you can see in our exhibition.

Stephan Opitz: From Tibet to Shanghai

Since 2006, Stephan Opitz has been teaching himself photography. “In the beginning I preferred to shoot architecture where I could learn a lot about picture composition.” He is a geologist and often takes his camera when he goes on another field trip. To him it is especially important “to capture the soul of the picture. Pictures are interesting and exciting when they tell a story and awaken emotions.”

Stephan Opitz: Shanghai Study 7

Black and white Photography concentrates on the basic image

Black-and-white photography is Stephan Opitz’ favorite genre. Colours easily distract from the core of the captured image whereas a monochrome picture is reduced to contrast, composition, light, structure and form. This is one reason why he initially concentrated on architecture. Clear structures and forms dominate his style. Stephan Opitz is one of those photographers that think a lot about the picture itself and its composition before actually taking it. Usually he likes to come back several times to a location to catch the right light for one of his works. On his travels however he couldn’t always do that so he learned to improvise. When I asked for his inspiration, he said: “That really depends: Sometimes it’s pictures of other photographers, but also my surroundings, sometimes light or a certain situation. Right now I prefer work series on a certain topic.”

Stephan Opitz: Tibetian Plateau Study 7

His Scientific Excursions bring him to the Most Remote Areas of the World.

Stephan Opitz likes to travel. Thankfully he is a geologist and his field trips allow him to travel to uncommon territories. In his works he shows China and its people from a different angle than most people can imagine. His scientific work gave him the unique possibility to experience truly incredible moments among Tibetan people. What he found there was one of his most impressive experiences yet. He encountered strong people who found a way to survive in the most impossible circumstances. You can see these pictures in his current exhibition “From Tibet to Shanghai – Constrasts from the central empire (China)”. The exhibition will run until 2nd August 2013.

Stephan Opitz: Tibetan People 7

All pictures from his exhibition can be purchased through photocircle. Stephan Opitz would be happy to know that his pictures help to support a good cause.

Stephan Opitz: Tibetan People 2

Stephan Opitz: Tibetian Plateau Study 8

Stephan Opitz: Tibetan People 1

Stephan Opitz: Tibetian Plateau Study 5

Freedom Exhibition

Please join us today for the first Girl Friday gallery production. The exhibition is a discovery and exploration of FREEDOM through the lens of four young female photographers – Jessica Polar, Justina, Wilhelm, Ottilie Maters and Marta Suslow. The intent of the organizers is to tell a visual story of the pursuit of freedom through photography. We hope it’ll inspire you, elevate you, surprise you, make you smile, make you think and encourage YOU to be…FREE.

Freedom Exhibition - produziert von Photocircle

The prints of this exhibition where printed by Photocircle. This exhibition chose to support our project with Plan International. This project aims at freeing Kamalari girls from exploitative working conditions to grant them access to education and a self-determined life.

We would be happy to meet you here tonight:

Closing Party

Friday, 1.March 2013


Nhow Hotel Galerie Berlin

Stralauer Allee 3

10245 Berlin