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Ronny Behnert’s handwriting

When you see Ronny Behnert’s photos you won’t believe that he has only started to get serious about photography in 2007. Within a few years he founded his own photo project, “Håggard Photography”, and has already had already some major publications in renown magazines.

The Gate by Ronny Behnert

The Gate by Ronny Behnert

Born in Luckenwalde, a small town south of Berlin, Behnert has always been drawn to Berlin, where he lives now. However he has already worked and lived on Sylt and in Frankfurt for some time. He tries to travel, working on his photography skills as much as possible.

You only discovered photography as your medium in 2007. This has been only five years ago. How did you manage to develop such a sophisticated and professional style in such a short time?  

Thanks for the great compliment! There is no secret recipe, but I would say I just dealt with the craft of photography and went outside. From the beginning I had a camera in my hands and did a lot of experimenting, learned a lot through trial and error. I think the most important thing to keep in mind is that a big part of the learning process is photographing itself. You should just follow your thoughts…photography is free!

What is most important when it comes to your photography?

Expressing myself comes before anything else. To transport my interests, thoughts, and emotions through the lens and express what this all does to me in one picture. Photography is a very important medium to me, I can discover and learn more about myself.

The pool by Ronny Behnert

The pool by Ronny Behnert

You are travelling a lot, what’s your next big destination?

My next destination is Krakau and the concentration camp Ausschwitz-Birkenau. My upcoming group of works will address the past of this place. I already have some first test images and the concept is finished.

My next city destinations will be Venice and Zurich. I am currently negotiating trips that take me a little further away: The choice will either be Tokyo, the United Arab Emirates or Chicago.

Your favorite story to one of your pictures?

I think I could put all of my works called “Venezia” into one story. The city of Venice has impressed me every day that I have been there and has turned out to be the true city of love for me. Long story short: There is not a city in the world that could be more romantic or dreamy than Venice.

Canal Grande - Study 8 by Ronny Behnert

Canal Grande - Study 8 by Ronny Behnert

Your favorite photographer?

The Japanese photographer Hiroshi Sugimoto completely convinced me with his exhibition at “Neue Nationalgalerie Berlin” in 2008. His “Seascapes” and “Theaters” strongly influenced my work.

Your first camera? And what are you using today?

My first camera was a friend’s compact camera. When I realized that photography would be a good way to express myself I gathered equipment. I started with analogue photography and went on to use digital SLR shortly after.

Today I am using both analogue and digital cameras in medium and full format and I parallely experiment with an old Polaroid camera.

Miroir d´eau - Study 2 by Ronny Behnert

Miroir d´eau - Study 2 by Ronny Behnert

We’re proud to present a selection of Ronny Behnert’ work on Photocircle. You can purchase his photos in his Photocircle gallery behind acrylic glass as well as on alu dibond and fine art paper. With 60% of his revenue the artist supports our social projects. Thank you Ronny! 

Photo competition – win a CANON EOS M

Our new Facebook photo competition (05.05. – 19.06.) has started yesterday. Join to win great prizes! The photographer that gets the most likes for his picture receives…

Photocircle photo competition

First Prize: Canon EOS M (RRP 499 €)

Second Prize: 50 € Photocircle gift card

Third Prize: 25 € Photocircle gift card

4th to 10th Prize: 10 € Photocircle gift card

And here are the rules of the game…

Upload your best landscape photo (you can upload only one photo!) to the page of the competition. You can vote for as many photos as you want but just once per photo.

Have a sunny Monday!

Freedom Exhibition

Please join us today for the first Girl Friday gallery production. The exhibition is a discovery and exploration of FREEDOM through the lens of four young female photographers – Jessica Polar, Justina, Wilhelm, Ottilie Maters and Marta Suslow. The intent of the organizers is to tell a visual story of the pursuit of freedom through photography. We hope it’ll inspire you, elevate you, surprise you, make you smile, make you think and encourage YOU to be…FREE.

Freedom Exhibition - produziert von Photocircle

The prints of this exhibition where printed by Photocircle. This exhibition chose to support our project with Plan International. This project aims at freeing Kamalari girls from exploitative working conditions to grant them access to education and a self-determined life.

We would be happy to meet you here tonight:

Closing Party

Friday, 1.March 2013


Nhow Hotel Galerie Berlin

Stralauer Allee 3

10245 Berlin

The story behind …

  … “Night over Ho-Chi-Minh-City” by Michael Schöppner

“I will never forget the night in which I took this shot. It didn’t happen anything special. Quite the opposite – nothing had happend.

It was unbearably hot and humid outside and I stayed up until late at night. I was hungry and actually intended to go outside to grab a bite to eat. But I decided not to as it was just too hot and humid.

So I just sat on my little balcony and took photos.”

See more pictures of Michael Schöppner in his gallery.

Our next nomination!

„Congratulations! You were being nominated for the start-up competition Kopf schlägt Kapital 2012!“.

We just received the news and we’re very happy about it!

The competition is being organized by the Foundation for Entrepreneurship and wants to support new entrepreneurs that have little capital but convince with a well thought-out concept. The winner of the contest will be awarded with a prize within the Entrepreneurship Summit 2012 at the Henry Ford Bau of the Freie Universität Berlin.

Whoever receives the most votes online wins. So we count on you!!! Here you can vote and learn more about our concept and the competition. With just 2 clicks you can help us win!!!

Thank you for your support!

The first Photocircle photo contest started today!!!

Four weeks have passed since our online launch and we think it’s about time for our first photography contest!

And the winners are...This is how it works:

Every registered photographer has the chance to upload a photo to our Facebook-Page The three photographers with the most liked photos will be presented on our blog and receive a great surprise. It’s definitely worth participating!

To all photographers: Just upload one of the photos you are offering on Photocircle and try to motivate as many friends as possible to vote for your photo. The contest ends on September 3rd at 12:00 am – so let’s get started!

Here are our rules:

  • Publish your favorite photo you are offering on Photocircle for sale on our Facebook wall.
  • Get as many of your friends, fans, acquintances, etc. to like your photo as possible.
  • The “likes” for your photos are only valid if our Facebook page is “liked” by your friends as well.
  • Only the “likes” on our Facebook page count. “Likes” from our website are not considered.
  • The ones who have the most likes until 03.09.2012 12:00 PM are the winners of our competition.
  • We will publish the three winners on our Blog shortly after the competition has ended.
  • Only photographers that have subscribed until 20.08.2012 12:00 PM can participate in the competition.

In the air with Rob van Kessel

The dutch photographer Rob van Kessel has been living in Cologne for twelve years now. His work as a pilot enables him to capture the world’s beaming cities every week. But he has also dedicated a website to his adopted home Cologne: Rob van Kessel brings out a few of his shots for Photocircle. You can find his complete portfolio on

“Photography has fascinated me for more than 20 years and the older I become the stronger this fascination grows and I keep discovering the endless creative dimensions that it bears. My style is always due to change. It keeps me awake and makes me a better photographer. I think to keep moving is compulsory if you want to succeed. The painter Edgar Degas describes it with these words: ‘I am glad not to have found my style, yet. I’d be bored to death.’

What I like to capture most: cities, dynamics, people, life, combined in street photography. In the city you never know what’s going to happen. As long as you keep your eyes open and have your camera on you, you can get lucky. My work as a pilot makes me travel the capitals of the world on a weekly base. When I leave my hotel room in San Francisco at 5 am in the morning, it’s the start of a little adventure for me. Camera and tripod in one hand, a paper cup of coffee that is way too hot in the other, a map in my pocket and I’m ready to go. And if I get at least one good shot, it was worthwhile to walk around for hours in the freezing cold or scorching heat.

I have lately been on a trip on top of a freshwater pipeline in Mumbai. I got the idea a few months ago when I looked out of my hotel room in Mumbai and saw this huge pipe on top of which people where hustling and bustling, walking or sitting together and chatting about. I had to take a closer look at this. So I walked through the slums until I finally got to climb this pipe and take a few pictures. When Mumbai came up on my schedule again in May I did some research and finally decided to go for a two-day hike on top of this water pipe. And it was incredible! On my way I saw so much poverty and so many happy faces at the same time. So the pipeline was a guideline in this project and also provided the visual setting.

From the airplane I regularly manage to take some stunning aerials, like this one of Greenland. Even though I am a sociable person I can only take reall good pictures when I’m on my own. I have to focus exclusively on the visual events in order to obtain good results. Another factor is my mental fitness. When I’m tired I don’t even have to bother to get outside with my camera. Luckily I take jetlags quite well.”

(Deutsch) Edle Acrylglasbilder mit brillanten Farben

(Deutsch) Dein Foto als Alu Dibond Fine Art

Friday night in our office

Hier entsteht Photocircle, unsere Platfform für Fine Art Fotografie.

I wanted to show you guys what it’s like, friday night in our office. Most people already left, we’re still to prepare the final steps for our launch. Now there are only a few little things missing. We can’t wait! Although we would rather be in a bar right right now or have a nice dinner, this keeps us going. Besides it’s also quiet relaxing here at the moment.

Have a great weekend,


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