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Afghan refugees portrayed by Rada Akbar

Our female Afghan photographer Rada Akbar portrayed Afghan children in a refugee camp in Kabul. In the eyes of these children we see hope but also great suffering and emptiness.

Chinar von Rada Akbar

Chinar, 6 years

Badrai von Rada Akbar

Badrai, 8 years

Mateen von Rada Akbar

Mateen, 15 years

Baseer von Rada Akbar

Baseer, 17 years

Zainab  von Rada Akbar

Zainab, 6 years

Atal von Rada Akbar

Atal, 8 years

A colourful life

When the Afghan painter Rada Akbar started documenting her surroundings with a camera, she soon found her passion for photography and thus made it her profession. Somehow she has always expressed herself through art. “I don’t photograph subjects, I photograph the way they make me feel”, 25-year-old Rada says and admits to consider her approach as a bit of a strange, yet honest concept. “I wrestle with every image I shoot. I assume perfection is possible and I want to wring it out of every picture.”

Colorful Life by Rada Akbar

“This building was built about 80 years ago. It’s situated opposite of a famous castle in Kabul. The building has been destroyed during the civil wars and the government still hasn’t made an effort to rebuild it. It’s a footprint of war but I can see that there is life,¬†colorfully displayed by these balloons.”

Rada Akbar – A role model for other Afghan women

As a female artist Rada Akbar feels responsible towards Afghan society. She seeks to be perceived publicly as a role model for other Afghan women, capable of working successfully in her profession. Despite recent general improvements for educated women in the larger cities, suppression and violence against women have escalated in Afghan society due to the increased ideological religious extremism and political instability, as press statistics and Human Right’s reports emphasize. Rada fears the circumstances will collapse as soon as international forces leave. “The situation in Afghanistan is not assured. Right now we’re in a state of emergency that may exacerbate corruption and mistrust towards the government,” Rada Akbar issues her concern.

After School Time von Rada Akbar

We are happy to offer some selected photos of Rada Akbar in her gallery on Photocircle. With her work you can support Syrian refugees in Jordan.