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Ronny Behnert’s handwriting

When you see Ronny Behnert’s photos you won’t believe that he has only started to get serious about photography in 2007. Within a few years he founded his own photo project, “Håggard Photography”, and has already had already some major publications in renown magazines.

The Gate by Ronny Behnert

The Gate by Ronny Behnert

Born in Luckenwalde, a small town south of Berlin, Behnert has always been drawn to Berlin, where he lives now. However he has already worked and lived on Sylt and in Frankfurt for some time. He tries to travel, working on his photography skills as much as possible.

You only discovered photography as your medium in 2007. This has been only five years ago. How did you manage to develop such a sophisticated and professional style in such a short time?  

Thanks for the great compliment! There is no secret recipe, but I would say I just dealt with the craft of photography and went outside. From the beginning I had a camera in my hands and did a lot of experimenting, learned a lot through trial and error. I think the most important thing to keep in mind is that a big part of the learning process is photographing itself. You should just follow your thoughts…photography is free!

What is most important when it comes to your photography?

Expressing myself comes before anything else. To transport my interests, thoughts, and emotions through the lens and express what this all does to me in one picture. Photography is a very important medium to me, I can discover and learn more about myself.

The pool by Ronny Behnert

The pool by Ronny Behnert

You are travelling a lot, what’s your next big destination?

My next destination is Krakau and the concentration camp Ausschwitz-Birkenau. My upcoming group of works will address the past of this place. I already have some first test images and the concept is finished.

My next city destinations will be Venice and Zurich. I am currently negotiating trips that take me a little further away: The choice will either be Tokyo, the United Arab Emirates or Chicago.

Your favorite story to one of your pictures?

I think I could put all of my works called “Venezia” into one story. The city of Venice has impressed me every day that I have been there and has turned out to be the true city of love for me. Long story short: There is not a city in the world that could be more romantic or dreamy than Venice.

Canal Grande - Study 8 by Ronny Behnert

Canal Grande - Study 8 by Ronny Behnert

Your favorite photographer?

The Japanese photographer Hiroshi Sugimoto completely convinced me with his exhibition at “Neue Nationalgalerie Berlin” in 2008. His “Seascapes” and “Theaters” strongly influenced my work.

Your first camera? And what are you using today?

My first camera was a friend’s compact camera. When I realized that photography would be a good way to express myself I gathered equipment. I started with analogue photography and went on to use digital SLR shortly after.

Today I am using both analogue and digital cameras in medium and full format and I parallely experiment with an old Polaroid camera.

Miroir d´eau - Study 2 by Ronny Behnert

Miroir d´eau - Study 2 by Ronny Behnert

We’re proud to present a selection of Ronny Behnert’ work on Photocircle. You can purchase his photos in his Photocircle gallery behind acrylic glass as well as on alu dibond and fine art paper. With 60% of his revenue the artist supports our social projects. Thank you Ronny! 

Photo competition – Peter Fauland wins a CANON EOS M

A little while ago we started a landscape photography competition. You could win a brand new Canon EOS M. Here you can find the top 10 pictures. Our judges (Tanja Raeck (Editor of photography for Cicero), Tobias Glawe (nopublica), Rüdiger Hamann (Foto Union) und Saskia Otto (Editor for photography for Photocircle) voted for Peter Faulands amazing picture “surfing the wave” to win in the end:

Peter Fauland: Surfing the Wave

Peter Fauland: Surfing the Wave

A big “Thank You” goes to Canon Deutschland, who made this competition possible by providing a new Canon EOS M. 

The winning picture is available in Peter Fauland’s gallery on photocircle and can be purchased on acrylic glass, alu-dibond fine art, canvas or MOAB fine art paper. Every purchased picture contributes to a project that helps kids in South or Central America.

wrapping up one week of Photocircle

One week has passed since our official launch and we are absolutely overwhelmed by your feedback. We have worked very hard to make it to this point and still can’t believe that we are online!

Last week we made it on the Wall Street Journal Blog, leading technology blogs like Gigacom reported about Photocircle and we were chosen as „Start up of the week” by Venture Village. We have also received a lot of positive feedback for our selection of photos in our gallieres.

Following the first press articles we have already received our first orders. 50% of our customers bought photos from our photographers while the other half ordered their own ones. Our first sold photo was this beautiful motive by Stephan Opitz. With his purchase our customer supported our project “Kamalari girls” in Nepal by Plan International.

Yangee by Stephan Opitz on canvas, alu dibond or acrylic glas fine art

At this point we would like to say ‘thank you’ to all of our supporters! Especially we would like to thank you, our photographers – Photocircle would not exist without you. That’s why we want to inform you about our next steps and also discuss the process of choosing photos with you.

Before we started Photocircle, we made the decision to limit the amount of photos on our platform. We are aware that by either accepting or rejecting photos we are walking on a very thin line because these decisions are very subjective. The fact that you all try to support our projects by passing on a very high percentage of your revenue makes our decisions even more difficult.

We may make some mistakes in our decisions and we want to let you know that your feedback counts a lot! We are just starting out and therefore we cannot establish criteria for our selection process right now. But we will continue to work on transparency and argumentation concerning our choice of photos in the near future.

We will let you know about our progress here on this blog – so stay tuned!

See you soon and best wishes from Berlin,

Thomas, Francesco, Saskia, Gianna & Kristin

How to sell your photos on Photocircle

It’s very simple. First you must register and then upload your photos. Our jury will then check your photos for quality and suitability and let you know by e mail whether your pictures have been accepted or not. Please don’t hold it against us if we reject your photos. Because we want to limit the number of pictures we have in order to ensure high quality, and also have to take other factors into consideration which are less to do with quality than suitability, we have no choice but to reject some photos, however much we regret doing so. So it’s possible that we might, on a private level, be enthusiastic about your pictures, but nevertheless won’t be in a position to offer them for sale.

Fine Art Prints – Two Different Printing Techniques

Nowadays there are tons of online print shops. All of them offer you to print your photo in the best possible quality on canvas, alu dibond or acrylic glass. If you look closely though, there are huge differences in quality.

First you have to diferentiate between two very different printing techniques. Some print the photo directly on the alu dibond or acrylic glass plate, others print the photo first on photo paper and laminate the print in a second step on the alu dibond or acrylic glas. Direct printing results often grainy photos simply because this method is not yet technically mature. Especially on darker pictures you can easily count the pixels. So, if you can choose the second option. It is definitely worth the slightly higher price.

When we decided to do Photocircle, we also had to decide between those two different printing techniques and became experts in this field. Because we work together with great photographers from around the globe, we quickly decided to offer only laminated prints.

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