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This photo shows cows grazing on the slope of the Salkantay in Peru near Machu Pichu. This photo shows cows grazing on a slope just next to the Salkantay which is located a three days hike from Machu Pichu in Peru. This slope is approximately 4000 m above sea level. I was very suprised to see people actually living there in the middle of nowhere. The nights are freezing (In our tent there were actually icicles!), and there is absolutely nothing around. The people don’t even have electricity. However, I admit that the panorama is breathtaking. As in many poor regions in the world, especially the people in the Andes, depend on the reliabilty of climate in order to be able to cultivate their crops and have drinking water. Sadly the waether is not as reliable as it used to be. For instance, rising temperatures, cause the glaciers to retreat rapidly so that the people face the threat of loosing their principle source of fresh water. With our platform we want you to be social, support the locals and close the circle of your photo.